Do you have ancestors who lived, died, or moved through the State of Arkansas?

Does your spouse have ancestral lines that travel through Arkansas?

Here at the Genealogy Center we are receiving a large amount of Arkansas genealogical material.  There are volumes of birth records, marriage records, cemetery records, and military records.

These volumes are both “state wide” and county specific.

Our NEW BOOKS table not only features ARKANSAS, it also has Arkansas material lined around the table edge.

Come in and browse the new additions to our collection.

For those who do not have Arkansas relations, we have material from the other 49 states, over 35 foreign countries, Native American tribes, military, immigration and colonization material as well.

As you welcome in 2018, make this the year to expand your family history and genealogy research.

Our staff here at the Genealogy Center is available to assist you in your research.

Good Hunting!



Spring Events for 2018

Genealogy DNA Interest Group

Discuss and explore the use of DNA in genealogy research

Haggard – Tuesdays – 7-8pm

Jan 2 ● Feb 13 ● Mar 6 ● Apr 3 ● May 8


Did My Ancestor Own Land?

How to find and understand land records

Haggard – Thu – Jan 11 – 9:30-11am


 Legacy Research

Join the Legacy Users Group for information sharing, research tips, webinars and one-on-one help

Haggard – Tuesdays – 1:30-5pm

Jan 23 ● Feb 27 ● Mar 27 ● Apr 24 ● May 22


How to Join the DAR

Learn what it takes to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Get help researching your Revolutionary War ancestor

Haggard – Sat – Jan 20 – 10:30am-1pm

Haggard – Sat – Mar 24 – 10:30am-1pm


Scouting for Military Records

Learn what databases, books, and other sources are available to locate your military ancestor

Haggard – Thu – Feb 15 – 9:30-11am


Genealogy DNA for Beginners

(part of Book in Common – see page 17 of Engage Brochure)

Learn the basics of using DNA testing to help research your family origins

Haggard – Thu – Mar 8 – 9:30-11am


Solving Mysteries of Women in Your Family Tree

Tips for researching female ancestors

Haggard – Thu – Mar 22 – 9:30-11am


Hidden Treasures

Discover what you can find in courthouses, libraries, and archives

Haggard – Thu – Apr 12 – 9:30-11am


Papers from the Attic

Preserving and dating old photos and documents

Haggard – Thu – May 10 – 9:30-11am

Thank You for 2017!

In reviewing this past year I realize just how fortunate I have been.
Working here in the Genealogy Center of the Plano Public Library and representing the Genealogy Center and library at outside locations has allowed me to meet a large number of wonderful people.

Thank you to each of the family history researchers who have entered the Genealogy Center in 2017.
Thank you to everyone who read and/or commented on my blog posts.
Thank you to all who attended any of my presentations.

Looking forward to 2018:
1) The Genealogy Center will continue to add published material to our collection.
2) Genealogy classes on various subjects will continue to be presented monthly.
3) The DNA Interest Group will meet monthly.
4) The staff of the Genealogy Center will be available for one-on-one assistance through the Book-A-Genealogy-Librarian service.

Please check the http://www.planolibrary.org site or the library’s ENGAGE publication for dates, times, and locations.

I wish you all a very Safe and Happy New Year and look forward to your visits in 2018.

As you continue your family history research…..

Good Hunting!

Remember Pearl Harbor

Today is December 7th, 2017

December 7th, 1941 – At 7:55 a.m. in Hawaii military forces from the Empire of Japan attacked United States military bases in Hawaii.

Several service members from Texas were killed or wounded that day.

The following sailors from the Collin County area died while serving on the USS Arizona:

Seaman Carl James (C.J.) Estep – Anna
Seaman 1st Class Harold Lemuel Patterson – Plano
Seaman 1st Class Richard Perry Rush – McKinney
Seaman 1st Class Raymond Clifford Tennell – Plano

Please take time to remember our service men and women who have served and are currently serving.

You are invited to visit the Genealogy Center. Allow us the opportunity to assist you in discovering your military ancestors.

Good Hunting!

Thanksgiving Memories

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. My holiday week was fantastic. I spent Saturday, 18 November at the Frisco (TX) 1st Annual Genealogy Expo. I had a wonderful experience. I encourage you to make plans to attend next year’s event.

Prior to my presentation, a gentleman approached me and asked, “Do you remember my wife and I visited you in the basement?” (The Genealogy Center of the Plano Public Library is located in the basement of the W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library.) “She is a FUGATE and may be a cousin.”

With this bit of clarification, I DID remember they visited about two years ago. I told him I had my Fugate Family history book in the car and would be able to retrieve it during our lunch break. After lunch we searched the volume and sure enough, we both share our 4th Great-Grandfather – Colbert Fugate (1759-1819). I gave him my card and encouraged him to contact me so we could share family research.

After my presentation, another gentleman approached and stated, “I also have HUGGANS relatives from West Virginia.” I am grinning from ear to ear. Another possible cousin. I gave him one of my business cards as well and encouraged him to also contact me.

Not a bad start to the holiday week.

On Monday I traveled to New Braunfels, Texas to attend a Thanksgiving family reunion. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to take my daughter and grandson to visit the Fannin Memorial in Goliad, Texas.

I showed them on the memorial where one of their cousins – William J. Cowan

– was one of the slain Texas Heroes. My grandson was excited to run around and climb the on the cannon.

On Wednesday, I saw my nephew and did not recognize him. (The last time I saw him he was five. He is now in his early 30s.) He asked for a copy of the family history.  I was prepared for such a request.  I told him I would be able to present him a copy tomorrow (Thursday), which I did.  Wednesday evening I was able to share our family history with a few of my nieces.

Did you visit family?  Take pictures? Share memories?

I hope you were able to share family history experiences.  If not, please record your activities for the day or week so your descendants will one day be able to share your story with their family.

The Holiday Season is upon us. Family gatherings are a perfect time to establish and/or share family stories. Please keep a record of your events.  Your descendants will one day be as excited to see / read / view these memories as we are to find those of our ancestors.

Good Hunting!

Recently I saw a notice on http://www.familysearch.org “Searching and viewing historical records will soon require you to be logged in with a free Family Search account.” This is one of my five favorite family history research sites.

I have had a free account with them for several years. I encourage everyone who uses the site to sign-up for one. Originally, I did this so that the individual could see the actual document/record. Now there are additional reasons to create an account.

Now when I sign-in, I have several different sections to assist me in my family history research. Recommended Tasks, Recent People, Hints, To-Do List, and pictures or photos that I have recently added are all right there to select. Of course, I may go straight to the Family Tree, Search, or Memories section depending on my initial reason.

I have been able to use these sections to identify ancestors that Family Search suggests MAY be part of my tree. Using their hints/suggestions I am able to identify if they belong to my ancestral tree or not.  I can also see where I left off from my last visit.

Often I use my Family Search site to assist others. Since the Recent People list may contain names of some other family, I appreciate that I can expand the list to see what names on MY family tree I had been viewing.

If you are using http://www.familysearch.org even occasionally, and have not created a free account, I encourage you to create one today.

This site is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Some folks have declined creating an account for fear they will be proselyted by representatives of the church.

I have NEVER received any email, telephone or in-person solicitation due to my having a free account. (I did receive one email inviting me to assist in Indexing the 1940 Federal Census.)

The value of actually viewing the records/documents is  well-worth creating a free account.

I invite you to visit the Genealogy Center where we can assist you in creating your free account or in researching your family history.

Good Hunting!


Veteran’s Day – 2017

Saturday, November 11th, 2017 is Veteran’s Day. For the first time in my life I plan on visiting the National Cemetery ON Veteran’s Day.

During my early years of family history, I requested my 4th Great-Grandfather’s Revolutionary War record. I have since, found a picture of his grave on http://www.findagrave.com.

During my research I have been successful in finding several relatives who have served in conflicts throughout the settlement, establishment and life of this nation.

I had the privilege and honor to be able to interview my Uncle Bill Coleman

who fought in Europe in World War II.

I was just as honored to receive a letter from Uncle Stan Rush

who served in Italy during World War II.

Perhaps you also have ancestors who served. Seek out your living veterans and allow them to relate their experiences.

Come in and visit the Genealogy Center and we will assist you in seeking out your deceased veteran ancestors.

Good Hunting!