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The Genealogy Center has recently added a large collection of resource books from the Northwest United States.

The majority of the new material is from OREGON and WASHINGTON.  Additional volumes have also been added to our California and Colorado collections.

Birth, burial, death and marriage records (in some cases indexes) are available from various counties of these states.

These volumes will provide excellent source material for your relatives that settled or moved through the Northwest.

Our collection includes, volumes from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, over 35 foreign countries as well as military and immigration records.

Come in and peruse our collection at the Genealogy Center. You just might find that “golden nugget” of information you have been searching for.

Our staff is always available to assist you in your research.

Good Hunting!

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Here at the Genealogy Center we have increased our Royal holdings.

Was one of your ancestors one of the Twenty Five Barons of the Magna Carta, 1215?

We now have the 3 volume set of Magna Carta Ancestry available for your research.

Perhaps you may trace one of your family lines back to Geoffrey Anjou

who was known to wear a sprig of the planta genesta in his hat.

The Plantagenet royalty descend from him.

We now have the newly published Plantagenet Ancestry.

(The previous one volume has been updated and expanded to 3 volumes.)

We also have a new set for those who may descend from European Royalty.

It is possible that you descend from one of the nine children of William the Conqueror

and his wife, Matilda of Flanders.

They both trace their ancestry back to Charlemagne.

This is the 5 Volume set of Royal Ancestry.

(Some of the Kings and Queens of France, Spain, and Scotland are included.)

Our Genealogy Lineage section includes volumes on descendants of Pocahontas,

The Signers of the Declaration of Independence,

and The Signers of the Constitution.

Come in and browse our collection. You may discover royal ancestors in your family tree.

The staff here at the Genealogy Center will be happy to assist you in your family history research.

Good Hunting!

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Do you have ancestors who lived, died, or moved through the State of Arkansas?

Does your spouse have ancestral lines that travel through Arkansas?

Here at the Genealogy Center we are receiving a large amount of Arkansas genealogical material.  There are volumes of birth records, marriage records, cemetery records, and military records.

These volumes are both “state wide” and county specific.

Our NEW BOOKS table not only features ARKANSAS, it also has Arkansas material lined around the table edge.

Come in and browse the new additions to our collection.

For those who do not have Arkansas relations, we have material from the other 49 states, over 35 foreign countries, Native American tribes, military, immigration and colonization material as well.

As you welcome in 2018, make this the year to expand your family history and genealogy research.

Our staff here at the Genealogy Center is available to assist you in your research.

Good Hunting!


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It is February and the Scottish Society of Dallas (www.scotsindallas.org) has provided a spectacular display in the Genealogy Center.


Not only do we have a wonderful display that includes original Scottish military uniforms and weapons…


We also have new books on Scottish military units including personnel rosters and Scottish military burial memorials and gravesites.

Our collection has recently added over 30 volumes of records from Scotland,


and both Scottish and Scots-Irish immigration records.

Here a the Genealogy Center we have records preceding the Great Migration from areas all over Scotland.  Also in our collection are immigration lists from Scotland to various localities in the Americas – New England, Georgia, and all points between. Volumes regarding Scots moving to Barbados, Jamaica and other locations in the West Indies.

There are volumes of Scottish Episcopalians, Scottish Presbyterians, Scottish burghs and specific regions of Scotland.

Come view the display.

While you are here, seek out your Scottish or Scots-Irish ancestors.

Our staff is always available to assist you in your search.

Good Hunting!


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  • Blue and Gray Navies – The Civil War Afloat
  • Illinois Blue Book 1963-1964
  • History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties Missouri
  • Marriage Records of Clark County, MO 1837-1884, Vol. 1-2
  • Marriage Records of Jackson County, MO 1827-1850, Vol. 1
  • Marriage Records of Livingston County, MO 1837-1863, Book 1
  • Sullivan County, MO Marriage Records Vol. 2, 1859-1880
  • Methodism Moves Across North Texas
  • Baylor Milestones: Remembering the Past – Embracing the Future (Dallas, TX)
  • American Diaries – Volume 1: Diaries Written from 1492-1844
  • Japanese American History An A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present
  • Methodism in Arkansas, 1816 – 1976
  • Transylvania – Tutor to the West (KY)
  • Flatbush Church Records (NY) Vol. 1, 1677-1720
  • Centennial History of Davidson County, NC
  • Texas Rangers – Sesquicentennial Anniversary 1823-1973
  • Navarro County, TX Cemetery Records Vol. 2 – 11
  • Colonial Caroline – A History of Caroline County, VA
  • The Spencers of the Great Migration – Volume 1: 1300 – 1783

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We have just added a few more gems to our Native American genealogy section here at the Genealogy Center.

Gale Native American Tribes1Gale Native American Tribes2Gale Native American Tribes3Gale Native American Tribes4

1) The four volume set of The Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes.
a. Volume 1 – Northeast, Southeast and Caribbean
b. Volume 2 – Great Basin, Southwest and Middle America
c. Volume 3 – Arctic, Subarctic, Great Plains and Plateau
d. Volume 4 – California, Pacific Northwest and Pacific Islands
An excerpt from the Preface to Volume 1 – “This four volume reference source presents historical, cultural, and current information on nearly 400 Native groups within 13 geographic regions…Each volume includes maps that indicate historical origins of tribal groups as well as locations of contemporary state and federal reservations…”



2) The two volume set – Cherokee Intruder Cases Dockets of Hearings 1901-1909
From the Introduction – “The term “Intruder” refers to an illegal resident in the Cherokee Nation who is living on land that does not belong to him/her. The term “Allottee” refers to a legal resident of the Cherokee Nation who has been allotted, or given, a parcel of tribal land in the Cherokee Nation through the Dawes Act of 1898-1914.


3) Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Agent Horace B. Durant’s 1907 Durant Roll Field Notes – Correspondence and Field Notes Relating to the Census Roll of All Members or Descendants of Members Who Were on the Roll of the Ottawa and the Chippewa Tribes of Michigan in 1870, and Living on March 4, 1907


4) Cherokee Ration Books 1836-1838 New Echota
From the Introduction – “These records were taken over a three year time period and some of them were recorded at New Echota in north Georgia and some of them were taken at Camp Clanewaugh which was somewhere in the area of Ross’ Landing which later became Chattanooga, Tennessee…”

Cherokee Nation Map 1825 RFW

5) Cherokee Valuation Records
From the Introduction – “The records contained in this volume are taken from five small books that were microfilmed by the Georgia State Archives. They are a record of the various groups of men chosen to give a fair evaluation of the property of each Cherokee family that would be displaced in the removal…”

6) Atlas of the North American Indian

7) Who Was Who in Native American History

These are just the NEW additions to our collection. Our Native American section occupies a whole range (literally) devoted to researching various tribes throughout the United States and North America.

So, if you are researching your Native American ancestry, come in and look over our collection here at the Genealogy Center.

Good Hunting!

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Genealogy Center has moved the new books to the front door.  You cannot miss them when you enter.

  • Decorations   United States Army 1862-1926
  • African-American Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution
  • African-American Patriots in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution
  • Erin’s Blood Royal – The Gaelic Noble Dynasties of Ireland
  • Arizona Territorial Marriages   Graham County 1881-1912 and Greenlee County 1911
  • Alumni Directory – University of Miami (FL)
  • The Georgia Genealogical Magazine Vol. 43-66, 1972-1977, Vol. 71-94, 1979-1984, Vol. 27-37, 39 1987-1998
  • Hardin County, IL Marriage Register 1, May 1884-Dec 1891 Vol. 1
  • Massac County, IL Early Marriage Records 1890-1900 Vol. 3-4
  • Pope County, IL Obits & Tidbits Vol. 2
  • Pope County, IL Chancery Index approximately 1860-1960
  • Pope County, IL County Court Record Book A 1816-1831
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions South Bend, St. Joseph County, IN
  • History of Iberville Parish Louisiana Vol. 1
  • Vital Records of Freedom, Maine Prior to 1892
  • Vital Records of Thorndike, Maine Prior to 1892
  • People of Color – Black Genealogical Records and Abstracts from Missouri Sources Vol. 2
  • Orphan Train Riders Vol. 1-2
  • South Carolina in the Mexican War
  • Slave Records of Edgefield County, SC
  • Greenwood County, SC Cemetery Records Vol. 1-3
  • Spartanburg County, SC Cemetery Survey Vol. 2 – 3
  • Coffee County (TN) Then and Now 1983
  • Holt and the Cowboys (TX)
  • Texas Telephone Co. 1951 Telephone Directory: Plano, Texas
  • Reflections: Sharing Sherman and Grayson County’s (TX) Past Vol. 1-2
  • Lamar County, TX in the Civil War
  • Footprints (Tarrant County, TX) 1990-1991, 1993, 1998 Vol. 33-34, 36, 41
  • Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Volume 2, New York State 2nd edition
  • The Ultimate Search Book
  • House Histories – A Guide to Tracing the Genealogy of Your Home
  • Central Colonies Chronicle: The Freemen, The Servants, and the Government, 1722-1732
  • National Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 101, 2013
  • The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 157, 2003
  • The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly Vol. IX, 1968
  • Finding Your African American Ancestors – A Beginner’s Guide
  • African American Genealogy – A Bibliography and Guide to Sources
  • The German-American Experience
  • Encyclopedia of Historic Forts – The Military, Pioneer, and Trading Posts of the United States
  • Army Service Records of the First World War (GBR)
  • The Black Watch (GBR) – A Record of the Historic Regiment
  • Genealogical Guide to Tracing Ancestors in Germany
  • Researching in Germany – A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors
  • Palatine (GER) Mennonite Census Lists, 1644-1793
  • The Amish-Mennonites of Waldeck and Wittgenstein (GER)
  • Directory of Irish Archives
  • Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
  • Researching Armagh Ancestors – A Practical Guide for the Family and Local Historian
  • Defenders of the Plantation of Ulster 1641-1691
  • Sketch Pedigrees of some of the Early Settlers in Jamaica
  • Los Archivos Municipales de Aguascalientes
  • Barbour County, AL Marriage Licenses 1838-1930
  • Greene County (AR) Historical and Genealogical Society Vol. 27, 2014
  • The Saline (AR) Vol. 29, 2014
  • Images of America – Tracy (CA)
  • Connecticut’s Black Soldiers 1775-1783
  • The Connecticut Nutmegger Vol. 46, 2013-2014
  • The Moravians in Georgia 1735-1740
  • Cities, Towns, and Communities of Georgia, 1847-1962
  • Georgia Genealogical Magazine Vol. 25-26, 1985-1986
  • Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 50, 2014
  • Hawaiian Genealogies Vol. 2
  • Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly Vol. 39, 2003 & Vol. 41, 2005
  • Moultrie County (IL) Heritage Vol. 11-13, 1983-1985
  • Early Indiana Trails and Surveys
  • Hardin County, KY Marriage Records 1813-1850
  • Hardin County, KY Will Books A – E, 1793 – 1866
  • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records Vol. 19, 1892-1894
  • New Orleans (LA) Genesis Vol. 52, 2014
  • Vital Records of Madrid and Eustis, Maine
  • Vital Records of Franklin, Maine
  • Vital Records of Sedgwick, Maine
  • Vital Records of Lee, Maine
  • Anne’s Annapolis (MD) History and Times
  • Baltimore County, MD Marriage Licenses May 1, 1798 – April 28, 1832
  • Baltimore County, MD Trader and Ordinary Licenses 1830 – 1832
  • New England Chronicle (MA) – News of New England from January 1722 – December 1731
  • A Fine Place For a City – Titus Bronson and the founding of Kalamazoo (MI)
  • Missouri Historical Review Vol. 97, 2002-2003
  • Ohio Photographers 1839-1900
  • Abstracts of Post Returns for Fort Sill, Indian Territory (originally Camp Wichita) March 1869 – March 1875
  • Whites in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation: Permit Register 1889 – February 19, 1905; Choctaw Vol. 222
  • A Guide to South Carolina Genealogical Research and Records
  • Ansearchin’ News – The Tennessee Genealogical Magazine Vol. 61, 2014
  • Giles County (TN) Lineage Book
  • The Texas Longhorn – Relic of the Past, Asset for the Future
  • New England to TEXAS Some Family Histories
  • “Curly Bill” Horse Thief, Cattle Dealer, Murderer, Lawman: 1858-1909
  • Famous Texas Feuds
  • Hogar de Dallas Tenth Anniversary Hispanos Journal Vol.10, 2007
  • Historical Accounts of Industry, Texas 1831-1936
  • The Explorer – Texana/Genealogy Dept. San Antonio (TX) Public Library Vol. 18-19, 2012-2013
  • Images of America – Cherokee County (TX)
  • Tree Talk (TX) Vol. 39, 2013
  • Gone To Texas – Quilts from a Pioneer Woman’s Journal
  • Lizzie’s Legacy: More Quilts from a Pioneer Woman’s Journal
  • Scrapbook of Traditions, Annals, and History: Collin County (TX) from 1846-1880 – The George Pearis Brown Papers
  • Collin (TX) Chronicles Vol. 34, 2013-2014
  • Family Footsteps – Comal (TX) Genealogy Society Vol. 28-29, 2011-2012
  • Images of America – Ennis (TX)
  • Galveston (TX) – A History
  • Cemetery Records of Henderson County, TX Vol. 2
  • Hopkins County (TX) Heritage Vol. 31, 2014
  • Kaufman County, Texas Death Notices 1851-1908 Vol. 1-3
  • Waco, Texas – A Postcard Journey
  • The Book of Nacogdoches County – July 1, 1927
  • Trails West (TX) Vol. 5-11, 1974-81 & Vol. 29-31, 1998-2001
  • Images of America – Tyler (TX)
  • Fort Worth and Tarrant County – An Historical Guide
  • Images of America – Huntsville (TX)
  • Images of America – Wood County (TX)
  • Will and Estate Records in the Virginia State Library: A Researcher’s Guide
  • White Servitude in the Colony of Virginia
  • Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol. 51-52, 2013-2014
  • Essex County, VA Marriage References and Family Relationships 1626 – 1800
  • Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, VA 1786 – 1858
  • King George County, VA Marriage References and Family Relationships 1721 – 1800
  • Richmond County, VA Order Book Abstracts 1734-1736,
  • Men of Mark – Officials of Stafford County, Virginia 1664-1991
  • Westmoreland County, VA Marriage References and Family Relationships 1653 – 1800
  • History of Stowe (VT) to 1869
  • Book of Albrittons 1609-1979
  • Johnson Gleanings Vol. 1, 1976
  • MX World Vol. 28, 2013-2014

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