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Today is September 11th, commonly referred to as 9/11.

Do you remember where you were and/or what you were doing when you saw or heard the Twin Towers were attacked?

When the Pentagon was attacked? When the plane crashed in Pennsylvania?

Some of us recall the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

For those over 50 years of age, we can remember President Nixon’s resignation. How about when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?

A few of us over 60 years of age can tell you about the Kennedy Assassinations – both John and Robert.

HAVE YOU WRITTEN THIS DOWN or recorded these moments for your posterity?

I recall asking my great-grandfather, “Who was the first President you voted for?” His response was “Teddy Roosevelt.” I learned later that he had voted in the previous presidential election, but for the losing candidate – William Jennings Bryan.

I cherish my father’s memory of The Attack on Pearl Harbor.

He was outside playing with friends and ran inside to see his parents huddled around the radio.

These historical events are taught in American History classes.

Are they REAL to your descendants?

Help your posterity connect to each of these events with YOUR memories.

What were YOU doing?  How did YOU feel? How did this effect YOU, YOUR families, and YOUR way of life?

Take the time to record your memories – audio, video, or in writing.

Your descendants will cherish your memories.

Good Hunting! (Recording)

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