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Summer Classes 2018

The Genealogy Center is offering a class a week this summer. We also have a DNA Interest Group that meets on the first Tuesday of each month. We have a Legacy Users Group that meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. And we are adding a Microsoft OneNote for Genealogy User Group that will meet on the third Monday of each month. Check out the list of classes:

Weekly Programs

Genealogy 101: How to get started in genealogy research
Haggard Tue Jun 5 9:30-11am
Haggard Tue Aug 14 9:30-11am

Genealogy 201: How to find Vital Records
Haggard Tue Jun 12 9:30-11am
Haggard Tue Aug 21 9:30-11am

U.S. Census Records: Learn how to search the U.S. Census, 1790-1940, to find information
about your ancestor
Haggard Tue Jun 19 9:30-11am

Locating Native Americans Who Served in the United States Military: How to find ancestors who served in the military from The American Revolution to World War II
Haggard Thu Jun 28 9:30-11am

Locating African Americans Who Served in the United States Military: How to find ancestors who served in the military from The American Revolution to World War II
Haggard Thu Jul 12 9:30-11am

Finding Ancestors Who Served in the United States Military in Lesser Known Conflicts: How to find ancestors who served in the military during lesser known conflicts
Haggard Thu Jul 19 9:30-11am

FOLD3 and Archives.gov: How to search, find records, and print
Haggard Thu Jul 26 9:30-11am

Brick Walls: Bring your “brick wall” and let us help you break it down
Haggard Thu Aug 2 9am-9pm

Obituaries, Society Columns, and News: How to locate & use newspapers to find your family
Haggard Tue Aug 28 9:30-11am

Monthly Programs

DNA Interest Group: Discuss and explore the use of DNA in genealogy research
Haggard Tuesdays Jun 5 • Jul 3 • Aug 14 7-8pm

Microsoft OneNote for Genealogy User Group: The group will focus on how to use Microsoft OneNote electronic notebooks to organize all aspects of Genealogy
Haggard Mondays Jun 18 • Jul 16 • Aug 20 7-8:30pm

Legacy Research: Join the Legacy Users Group for information sharing, research tips,
webinars, and one-on-one help
Haggard Tuesdays Jun 26 • Jul 24 • Aug 28 1:30-5pm

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When I married in 1979, my wife knew that one of my hobbies was family history.

She provided me names and dates to help fill out her side of our family tree.

We came to a brick wall with her 2Great-grandfather – David Lucas.

Questions arose from the transcriptions of the Rockbridge County (Virginia) Marriage Record.

In all of the typed transcriptions, the record states:

Lucas, David   64   W   Cumberland, PA   Rockbridge   Farmer
Lucas, Danl.   Lucas, Edith   8/3/1869   Schreckhise, J.W.
Reece, Mary M.   28   S   Augusta   Rockbridge
Reece, C.   Reece, M.A.

This record states that David Lucas was a 64 year-old widower, born in Cumberland, Pennsylvania. He now lives in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He is a farmer. His father is Danl Lucas and his mother is Edith Lucas.
David Lucas and Mary M. Reece were married on 3 August 1869 by J.W. Schreckhise
Mary M. Reece is 28 years old, single and born in Augusta County, Virginia. She now lives in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Her parents are C. Reece and M.A. Reece.

Before I began my record search I questioned my in-laws for any information or stories they might have about David. Results were – NONE. Some did recall a grandmother Reece, but I determined these were all about the daughter Georgianna Reese (Mary’s daughter) who married their great-grandfather Daniel Campbell.

David and Mary were married in 1869 and I found them in the 1870 Federal Census in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Both David and Mary state their place of birth is Virginia.

David appears in the 1860 Federal Census in Rockbridge County, Virginia married to Elizabeth (Strine) with nine children ages 23 – 9. Here again David, Elizabeth and all nine children were born in Virginia. I found the marriage record of David Lucas to Elizabeth Strine in Augusta County, on 29 Nov 1832. From the transcribed record there was no indication of place of birth.

I found no record of David and Elizabeth in the 1850 Federal Census – in either Augusta or Rockbridge County, Virginia. I did find David listed in the 1840 Federal Census in Augusta County, Virginia.

The challenge was to find Daniel and Edith Lucas, David’s parents. Were they in Virginia or Pennsylvania?

I was successful in finding a Daniel and Elizabeth Lucas in Augusta County, Virginia. I was also successful in finding a Daniel and Eva Lucas in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. In neither case did I find a marriage record.

A trip to the Rockbridge County Courthouse to VIEW the original marriage document would allow me to determine if David’s birthplace was correctly transcribed. Was he born in PA or VA? I could also verify the mother’s name. Is she correctly recorded as Edith or is the entry an abbreviation of Elizabeth? Thus far I have not found a digitized copy of the marriage record to answer these questions.

Sometimes the answers are not so readily available. Transcribed books may be correct or in error. Images of documents may not be available. Images may be so poor that when viewing either online or in person, the information is not clearly discernible.

So my search continues.

Come visit our center. Peruse our materials. Our staff is always available to assist you in your research.

Perhaps our materials will assist you in answering one or more of your family history questions.

Good Hunting!

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Have you searched www.familysearch.org recently?  If not, perhaps today is a good time to check it out.

I checked familysearch.org to see if there were any updates to areas I am researching.

To say I was surprised is an understatement. From Monday 30 April thru Thursday 2 May, I counted 91 updates.

These updates include various databases from 36 different United States, 9 different countries, plus an update to the BillionGraves Index.

During my classes here at the Genealogy Center, I encourage my attendees to check www.familysearch.org as one of their resources.

I often state, “If you don’t find the database you are looking for, check back in a week or two.”

Here at the Genealogy Center our public computers can access Ancestry Library Edition, Fold3.com, and Heritage Quest as well as other links. Some of these sites are partner sites with Familysearch.org.

You may be able to access a few of these 91 databases through the partner sites.

I encourage you to check-out www.familysearch.org from time to time. You may discover information you are seeking.

Good Hunting!

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