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I received a notice from MyHeritage.com that I had a message.

I was contacted by a 3rd cousin to my father. I had previously uploaded his DNA results from Family Tree DNA (www.ftdna.com) to MyHeritage (www.myheritage.com).

I was informed, and then verified, that my 3G-Grandmother’s probate records were online on Ancestry library edition (www.ancestry.com). The probate file is 33 pages of information. Within these pages are the names of heirs, locations of property, and residence of heirs.

My primary reason for DNA testing – both my father and me – was to find cousins so that I might add or correct my family tree.

I have tested in Ancestry, 23andme and Myheritage. My father has tested in Family Tree DNA. I have uploaded all tests to http://www.GEDmatch.com, Family Tree DNA and My Heritage in the hope that fishing in all available ponds will allow me to catch some cousins.

With today’s message I can report that I have made a second “golden” catch.

In each case I have been able to break down a brick wall or confirm previously suspected lines.

DNA genealogy is not for everyone. For me it has produced (and continues to produce) desired results.

*** Before you purchase a DNA test from any company be sure you are comfortable with their policies and how they use or sell your DNA or personal information. ***

Good Hunting!

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