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I have been trying to determine if Martin Fugate is my  5th Great Grandfather. I had my father take a Y-DNA test. When I received the results I was excited to match a previously unknown cousin. We have traded emails.

I am fairly certain Martin died in Russell County, Virginia prior to 1803. I am not certain where he was born.

My cousin sent me some information on Martin. His information states Martin was born about 1725 in Russell County, Virginia. He died about 1802 in Russell County, Virginia.

At first glance this is Wonderful.

However, a closer look finds that Russell County, Virginia was created on 17 Oct 1785 from Washington County, Virginia.

Oops! Martin was NOT born in Russell County, Virginia. Where could he have been born?

Tracing the area back to 1725, I found the following:
Washington County was created 7 Oct 1776 from Fincastle County.
Fincastle County was created in 1772 from Botetourt County.
Botetourt County was created 7 Nov 1769 from Augusta County.
Augusta County was created 1 Aug 1738 from Orange County.
Orange County was created 1 Feb 1734 from Spotsylvania County.
Spotsylvania County was created 2 Nov 1720.

It is possible that Martin was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia about 1725.

However, family records indicate (not prove) that Martin’s father was Josiah Fugate. If this is correct another problem arises.

Josiah’s will was filed in King George County, Virginia. King George County and Spotsylvania County were both created on 2 Nov 1720. They are adjacent to each other.

From my current information, my next searches will be in both King George and Spotsylvania Counties.

The lesson here is Be Aware of WHEN a particular county was created.

Looking for records in Russell County, Virginia in 1725 would be a waste of time, as it was not created for another 60 years. Just knowing that Russell County was created from Washington County is not good enough either.

Take the time to know the county and state creation dates. It makes your search less frustrating.

Look at all of the information available and be careful NOT to take undocumented information as Proof.

Good Hunting!


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