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The new issue of Ceske Stopy is all about early Czech schools.  Many schools around Texas are discussed.  Many old pictures are also included.  It’s a great issue to see.  It has pictures of the schools and school children from the 1880-1940’s.  It’s so much fun to see the style of clothes and the buildings where they went to school.  If you do have Czech families in Texas you should check out this website–http://www.txczgs.org/

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GLHTA Digital Collections

More images have been added to the digital colleciton.  This week we are up to 26 pages of the original Lizzie Carpenter Diary, 1876-1880.  We have close to 200 photographs in the Wells Collection (these were used in the Plano the Early Years) and a variety of other donated pictures.  We have 231 images from the Planonian.  This includes yearbooks from 1914, 1923, 1943, and 1945.  If you view the images and recognize someone or someplace and they are not identified, please let us know. 

Here’s where to go:  http://contentdm.planolibrary.org/index.php

You can search for subjects or just browse.  We are adding images monthly so, check back to see what’s new.

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Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures can be found when you least expect them.  My mother-in-law’s address book has never been thrown out.  It lists where her family members have lived and moved.  It lists their name changes, birth dates, marriage, and death dates.  A woman found her family treee on a wall in a pub in England.  A man that volunteered for us had found a slave owner’s journals at a library that listed the names of his slaves and their vital statistics.  His family members were some of those slaves. The minutes from the Thursday Club in Plano located in our archives might have information on your family member.  Many clubs and organizations wrote resolutions about the death of a member.  It would be put in the minutes and sent to the newspaper.

How do you find the hidden treasures?  Keep your eyes open.  Look at everything that could possibly deal with your family.  Church records, club records, newspaper articles (even the ones that say Mrs. Smith visited her brother Jim Broome), cookbooks of your great grandmother, old letters all of these could give you that one hint you need. 

Libraries have hidden treasures also.  They might be called Special Collections or Archives.  They will be listed in the catalog but kept in a special room or area to preserve them.  You may be allowed to view them but the libraries will have rules about how you do that.  Many items are being digitized and available on the libraries website. 

At GLHTA this month we have some of our Archives on display for you to view.  We have yearbooks, pictures, old letters, Mayoral dockets, 100 year old doll, a Rand McNally Atlas, and many more items.  Please come have a look.

When you visit a library while doing your research be sure to ask them if they have a Special Collection or Archives.  You never know what you will find.

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