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Yes, Plano, Texas had a university for several years.  It’s address was 2501 Custer Road.  The campus was built on 760 acres.  A former World’s Fair pavilion donated by the Malaysian government was a administration, library, and classroom building.  Student enrollment was usually between 200 to 300 with 31-33 faculty.  When classes ended in July of 1976 there were 20 buildings.  Low enrollment and financial problems caused the closing. 

The university was created to be a “unique liberal arts college for college dropouts, academic failures, and neurological disorganization” from an article in the Dallas Morning News, Oct. 4, 1964.  Dr. Robert Morris was the president.  He got the idea for the university because of one of his children who had some difficulties in learning.  It was said that they were ahead of their time in the “mainstreaming” ideas. 

GLHTA has more information in the vertical files, yearbooks for 1972-1975, and newspaper articles. 

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