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Proving Military Service

Learn the resources for proving your ancestor’s military services. Dec. 14th, 10:30-noon at the Haggard Library in the JBB Meetin Room on the lower level of the library.

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Have you researched the history of a home?  We have some information that can help you if you live in Plano or Collin County.  A good start is looking through the deed records.  We have vertical files, pictures, and some histories on some of the historical buildings in Plano.  I’ve been looking through the vertical files we have on historical homes and buildings.  I’m feeling the urge to drive around the East side of town.  I love old homes.

I’m so glad we have the Heritage Preservation through the City of Plano.  They can also help you with the history of your home.  http://www.plano.gov/departments/planning/heritagepreservation/Pages/default.aspx  Below are just a few of the pictures we have.

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I enjoy looking in the older newspapers for obituaries.  I stop along the way to read interesting stories, ads, and look at the pictures.  The way they told stories then are so different from today.  Our jokes of the day come through emails and Facebook today.  In 1915 the jokes filled the pages of the newspapers.  Ads about liver cures would sound like a story until you read the whole article.  I attached a joke and an ad for Grape-Nuts.  I love Grape-Nuts but this ad does not appeal to me. 

I realized just recently that organizations and societies wrote resolutions in remembrance of members who had passed away.  The resolutions were put in the newspaper, the groups’ minutes and a copy was given to the family.  If you can’t find an obituary this could be another way to guide you to the death date of a family member.  See the attached Masonic Resolution.

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Word of the day

Street Fakers are mentioned in the Plano City Minutes of 1895.  We went looking to see what that means.  First off, we were wrong in the spelling because the handwriting was difficult to read.  We found the right spelling and then found the definition:

Definition of FAKIR 1\fə-ˈkir, fä-, fa-; ˈfā-kər\ a : a Muslim mendicant : dervish b : an itinerant Hindu ascetic or wonder-worker 2\ˈfā-kər\ : impostor; especially : swindler Examples of FAKIR <a traveling carnival that was run by fakirs preying on small-town rubes> <a fakir peddling patent medicines that were mostly liquor and sugar>         [from Merriam-Webster Dictionary online]

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Yes, Plano, Texas had a university for several years.  It’s address was 2501 Custer Road.  The campus was built on 760 acres.  A former World’s Fair pavilion donated by the Malaysian government was a administration, library, and classroom building.  Student enrollment was usually between 200 to 300 with 31-33 faculty.  When classes ended in July of 1976 there were 20 buildings.  Low enrollment and financial problems caused the closing. 

The university was created to be a “unique liberal arts college for college dropouts, academic failures, and neurological disorganization” from an article in the Dallas Morning News, Oct. 4, 1964.  Dr. Robert Morris was the president.  He got the idea for the university because of one of his children who had some difficulties in learning.  It was said that they were ahead of their time in the “mainstreaming” ideas. 

GLHTA has more information in the vertical files, yearbooks for 1972-1975, and newspaper articles. 

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