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Researching in Genealogy

I had a patron in the other day that wanted to find everything at her fingertips.  She wanted to go to a few websites and find it all.  Researching in Genealogy does not have a standard step by step.  The path twists and turns at each step.  It’s not all in one place.  This seems to be the hardest thing I have to try to get across to our patrons.  Your surname you are searching will be misspelled–even Smith or Jones.  You cannot find all the information on the Internet.  If you do be very wary of what you find.  Check the information closely.  Most facts are still in courthouses or libraries, in books or on microfilm.  Many records are being digitized but it’s still many many years before they will all be online.  On November 10th from 10:30-noon, we have a class called Genealogy 201.  It will be about the different steps you can take to try to find the vital records and other information.  Don’t get discouraged.  Come see us for more ideas when you are stuck.

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