One of the early settlers in Collin County, Texas is John Madison Salmons. He was born in Illinois in 1824, sold land in Illinois in 1846 and moved to Texas.

Collin County, Texas was created from Fannin County in 1846. J.M. Salmons paid taxes for owning land in Collin County, Texas in 1846 and 1847.

He married Sarah Ann Beck, daughter of Sanford Beck another of the early settlers of Collin County. John and Sarah had 13 children. Two died as infants and one daughter died as a teen. From his 10 children John lived to see nine grandchildren born and one die.

John M. Salmons was elected a Collin County Commissioner in 1850 and appointed a County Commissioner again in 1877.

During the Civil War John M. Salmons served in Company D, Stones Regiment, 2nd Texas Partisan Rangers. In July of 1863 he resigned his commission as a 3rd Lieutenant due to medical conditions. The final approval of his medical discharge was signed by Lieutenant General E. Kirby Smith, C.S.A.

John Madison Salmons died on 4 February 1879. He is buried with his wife and several children and their families in the Murphy Cemetery, Collin County, Texas.

Salmons, J.M. headstone

During John M. Salmons life here in Texas, he lived to see and help Collin County grow. He witnessed how the county suffered through the Civil War. He was part of the post-war recovery. He saw the establishment of the towns of Sache, Parker, Decatur (later named Murphy), and Plano.

Let us show you Plano, Texas The Early Years, A History of Collin County, Texas, and Collin County, Texas Families here at the Genealogy Center. These books along with other Texas and Collin County records and materials tell the story of John Madison Salmons and his family, as well as other Collin County pioneer families.

Perhaps your ancestors were pioneers here in North Texas or in other parts of the country.

Come in and search for your ancestors.

Good Hunting!

When researching my sixth great-grandparents, I found a monument to Sgt. George W. Faucett (my 1st Cousin, 6 times removed) in the Faucett-Fellows Cemetery in Greene County, Indiana. The monument stated his birth at March 8, 1840. There is no death date, just the statement – “Died at the Battle of the Wilderness.”
Faucett, Sgt. George W. - Faucett-Fellows Cty, Greene, IN

I was curious about his life and military record.

I found his enlistment and military records at http://www.fold3.com stating he enlisted as a Private and ended his service as a Sergeant.

The History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, Indiana published by Goodspeed Bros. and Co., Inc. in 1884 states that Sgt. Faucett was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness and died in the Union hospital in Fredericksburg, VA.

I was still curious about the circumstances of his death. The majority of deaths in the U.S. Civil War were not due to fighting, but sickness and accidents. Was he involved in the battle or a victim of “friendly fire?”

In the book, Nowhere To Run – The Wilderness, May 4th & 5th, 1864 by John Michael Priest I learned that Sgt. George W. Faucett was actually Orderly Sergeant George W. Faucett (senior sergeant of the unit.) His source list told me he obtained his information from two articles from The National Tribune by veterans of the 14th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. One article is by Charles H. Myerhoff (1st Lieutenant, Company D, 14th Indiana) dated 23 Oct 1890.
The other is by Owen T. Wright (Sergeant, Company D, 14th Indiana) dated 25 Feb 1897. These articles were written by soldiers who were at the battle and state what really happened from their point of view.

Relating his version of the day Sgt. Faucett died, Owen T. Wright states, “The 14th Ind. got to the intersection of the Brock and the Orange Plank roads about sundown with the 4th and 8th Ohio and 7th W. Va. We threw our knapsacks as we ran into line, the 14th (Indiana Volunteer Infantry) right at the crossroads…If the smoke had not been so dense they (Generals Grant and Hancock) would undoubtedly been slain, as a number of my company and a few of other companies were wounded getting those two pieces of artillery back. The Acting-Orderly Sergeant of our company, George Faucett, was mortally wounded just to the right of the artillery. I took his place next morning and where history states that “Hancock drove Hill’s Corps for a mile” I was captured, near the little field fringed with pines, where the enemy had a masked battery…”

Now I know that 1st SGT. George Faucett was mortally wounded participating in, and possibly leading, a counter-attack to recover two artillery pieces captured by the Confederate forces on the first day of the Battle of the Wilderness.

I have been extremely successful finding several ancestors and more than a few family military heroes when searching here at the Genealogy Center. Our collection contains something from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, as well as a Foreign country section. The collection is expanding each month. The staff here at the Genealogy Center is available to assist you in your research of family relations.

Perhaps you will find some military heroes in your ancestry.

Good Hunting!

  • Delta Zeta Sorority Alumnae Directory 1991
  • German Immigrants in American Church Records Vol. 15-17, Michigan Protestant ( excluding Detroit), Michigan Detroit I & II
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  • Stinnett, Guest & Allied Lines

Many things happened in the last month or two that I want to share them all.

  • The biggest announcement is that the Genealogy Center received an Indus BookScanner 9000.  It can scan items up to 18″x24″.  It is available for the public and staff to use.  The first thing we scanned was the 1973 Planonian.  It took two hours to scan while earlier scans would take us up to a week to scan.  Several patrons have brought their old photographs that are too big for the home scanners.  It was very easy to scan.  They loved the outcome.  You can bring in your larger documents or photographs and scan them for free.  Just one thing — Do Not Wear Jewelry around the machine.  It can scratch the glass.
  • We have completed or nearly completed several digital collections for the Collin County Images, http://glhtadigital.contentdm.oclc.org. The Thursday Study Club and Junior Thursday Study Club Collection has minutes, yearbooks and other miscellaneous documents from the 1930s to 2002 available.  These items tell us about what the women were doing during WWII, they mention who was sick or had died, and they let us know what these women were doing over the years to support Plano and other groups in the area. The James Edwards Collection is documents and photographs from the past mayor of Plano, two-year terms from 1978 to 1982. He was the founding President of the Plano Preservation Association. He also was President of William Carey College in 1990. The documents in the collection represent his life during that time. The John Liles Collection includes photographs and documents used in his research about his family surnames Couch, Liles, and Nellis.John Liles grew up and attended college in El Paso, Texas, where his parents moved from Haviland, Kansas. He moved to Plano in 1970 to work at Texas Instruments. While in Plano, John researched and wrote two family histories, which may be found in the Genealogy Center at the Haggard Library.
  • The Gladys Bishop Harrington Collection is not complete but being added to over the next few months.  We have added photographs of her family.  We have some documents from her time operating the Plano Public Library.  We will also be adding items from her scrapbooks as she traveled all over the world with the WFAA Tour Group (farmers and ranchers from Texas).
  • We have received several new donations of older documents and photographs.  They represent the Carpenters, Sherrills, Bagwills, and a few other families of the area.  We look forward to putting them in our digital collection in the next few months.  If you have family documents or photographs of early settlers/pioneers of Collin County, we would love to scan them and be able to put them online for others to enjoy.  We accept donations to keep in our Archival Room that is temperature and humidity controlled.  But if you want the items back, we will do that. We just want to be able to share with others who lived in this area and what has happened during the years.
  • Coming Soon – Many maps of Collin County – We bought just about everything the Texas General Land Office had on Collin County.  We have to get another map case because we don’t have enough room.  I’m really excited to show all that off.   When they are ready we will let you know.
  • New England Chronicle – News of New England from January 1722 – December 1731
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March 2nd is Texas Independence Day and March 6th is the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo. This week seems a good time to ask – Where did your ancestors start your migration to Texas?

For my family the Robins/Robbins came from Connecticut, the Fultons from Pennsylvania, the Fugates and Huggans from Virginia and the Colemans from Michigan. Eventually they all landed in Missouri and from there my parents and later my own family came to Texas.

The majority of folks now living in Texas did not grow up in this great state. So if you are in this category come on in to the Genealogy Center and let us show you the collection we have of states other than Texas. (For you native Texans we have a very large collection for Texas and its counties to help you identify your ancestors too.)

Your family may have come from Missouri through the encouragement of Moses or Stephen F. Austin. Perhaps they came from Kentucky/Tennessee area or moved from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We have resources from each of these states plus all others.

We can show you the migration trails that lead to Texas in the 1800s, especially after the War Between the States. We have post-Civil War records of both the Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors.

Celebrate Texas.

Trace your ancestry back so you too can identify the migration paths that brought your family to Texas.

Good Hunting!

I think you will find the changes HeritageQuest is making will be helpful to you.  They begin tomorrow, March 4th.  Several of our library staff and other libraries across Texas were able to test the beta version over the last few months.  Here’s what HeritageQuest sent us today:

HeritageQuest® Online, powered by Ancestry

Coming March 4, 2015, HeritageQuest Online (HQO) will be materially improved and enhanced with a much richer content set and a more powerful, intuitive interface.

  • Complete 1790-1940 U.S. Federal Census with images and every-name indexes for all years
  • Additional census records such as Mortality and Non-Population Schedules, Indian Census Rolls, and more
  • Expanded collection of genealogy and local history books and city directories with an all-new user interface, thumbnail images and hit highlighting
  • Complete Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land record collection (NARA M804)
  • Freedman’s Bank Records with full-page register view
  • Periodical Source Index Archive (PERSI), 1800-2009
  • U.S. Serial Set Memorials, Petitions and Private Relief Actions
  • All-new research aids
  • Interactive census maps
  • And more

The product will have a more modern look and feel that will make it easier to use and help streamline the research process for genealogists.

Be sure to log in tomorrow and see the new look.  If you have any questions, you can contact us at 972-769-4240 or come by the library.  My guess is that it might be sluggish tomorrow if many people decide to login to see the new changes.  Be patient with the site tomorrow.


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