8 May 1945 VICTORY IN EUROPE as seen on Page One of The Dallas Morning News.

V-E Day - DallasMornNews

Here in the Genealogy Center we have the complete issue on microfilm.

Also available are several books regarding the men and women who served during the Second World War.

Perhaps the most well-known is Maj. (then 1st Lieutenant) Audie Murphy who survived the war.


Less known is the story of the SEVEN sons of Mr. and Mrs. P.O. Sonntag.

However their are several others that served and did not survive.

Come learn of the sailor who died at Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona.

07 Dec 1941 --- Mortally Wounded and Sinking --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

07 Dec 1941 — Mortally Wounded and Sinking — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Read about the marine lieutenant who died on Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima

Collin County men served in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Germany, Pacific Islands and sailed the oceans of the world.

As we begin the month of May which concludes with the Memorial Day remembrance, please come into the Genealogy Center and learn of the other heroes of Collin County, Texas who played a vital role which culminated in the celebration of —

Victory in Europe.  V-E Day!

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In May, June and July we often turn our thoughts to our MILITARY Heroes.

Memorial Day in May.

Memorial Day Flags

Flag Day (Birth of the U.S. Army) in June.


The Fourth of July


All of these dates are opportunities for each of us to remember Our family Heroes

Fugate, Cpl. Robert T. - The_Lincoln_Star_Thu__Mar_25__1943_.

On any of the Plano Public Library computers you can access Military Records on Fold3.com, FamilySeach.org, Ancestry.com and several other sites Free of Charge.

(You only need your Plano Library card.)

Plano Library Card

Here in the Genealogy Center you can research Military Records from foreign countries; Military Records from United States conflicts dating from the Colonial era to Vietnam; as well as individual state and/or county Military Records.

Come in, browse on your own, or allow us to assist you in locating YOUR family Military Heroes.

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Monday, 10 April, was the anniversary of Jose Mari Botello being ordained a Presbyterian minister in Tamaulipas. Born in Tamaulipas in the Catholic religion, he also lived in Matamoros, Mexico where he converted to the Presbyterian faith.

According to the Texas State Historical Association “he was instrumental in the establishment of the Mexican Presbyterian Church of San Marcos, the first Mexican-American church in Texas to be affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ”

Here in the Genealogy Center we can assist you in your family research should your relatives have lived in Tamaulipas, Matamoros or San Marcos, TX.

Our collection now includes several volumes from Tamaulipas and other locations in Mexico.

We also have volumes from various churches throughout the United States. Records of baptism, marriage or death can be found in Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist and other religious records here in the Genealogy Center.

Come in and browse our various church records.  You just might find The Record that opens the door to more of your ancestors.

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  • A Graveyard Preservation Primer
  • The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American Railroads
  • American Diaries Vol. 2, Diaries Written from 1845-1980
  • The Word Museum The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten
  • Choctaw By Blood Enrollment Cards 1898-1914 Vol. 1 & 5 & 7
  • Forgotten Black Soldiers Who Served in White Regiments During the Civil War Vol. 1-2
  • Who Was Who in the Civil War
  • Battle Stars for the “Cactus Navy” America’s Fishing Vessels and Yachts in World War II
  • MacArthur and Halsey’s “Pacific Island Hoppers” The Forgotten Fleet of World War II
  • Following the Paper Trail – A Multilingual Translation Guide
  • First Metis Families of Quebec Vol. 5
  • DeKalb County, AL Grantee Deed Index, 1835-1895
  • DeKalb County, AL Grantor Deed Index, 1835-1895
  • Arkansas Prior Birth Index Vol. 13-15
  • Grand Lodge of Georgia 1854
  • Adair County, IA Marriages 1854-1900
  • Adams County, IA Deaths June 1880 – April 1890
  • Adams County IA Marriages Register 1853-1901
  • Benton County, IA Marriages 1852 – 1883
  • Black Hawk County, IA Deaths & Burials 1900-1910
  • Black Hawk County, IA Deaths 1845-1900
  • Black Hawk County, IA Marriages 1853-1858
  • Black Hawk County, IA Naturalizations Declaration of Intent Books 1-10
  • Henry County, IA Deaths, Book 2, 1893-1898
  • Henry County, IA Marriages 1868- Aug 1931
  • Jefferson County, IA Births 1900-1920, Vol. 1-2
  • Louisa County, IA Early Marriages 1837-1899
  • Louisa County, IA Marriages Index 1837-1899
  • Lucas County, IA Marriages 1849-1930
  • Madison County, IA Early Marriages 1849-1880
  • Marshall County, IA Marriages 1850-1867
  • Mills County, IA Marriages 1880-1885
  • Monona County, IA Marriages 1856-1880
  • Monroe County, IA Deaths First Recorded Bk 1, 1800-1900
  • Monroe County, IA African American Marriages 1900-1929 Indexes
  • Monroe County, IA Marriages Applications Index 1851-1860
  • Monroe County, IA Marriages 1845-1904
  • Monroe County, IA Hiteman Iowa Mining Accidents A-Z
  • Monroe County, IA Wapello Mining Company Rental Contracts
  • Osceola County, IA Marriages Aug 1872 – Feb 1900
  • Pocahontas County, IA Births 1880-1897
  • Pocahontas County, IA Deaths 1880-1919
  • Tama County, IA Marriages 1853-1880
  • Tama County, IA Marriages Index 1880-1952
  • Buchanan County, IA Marriages 1848-1869
  • Calhoun County, IA Marriages 1856-1883
  • Carroll County, IA Marriages 1854-1879
  • Carroll County, IA Marriage Indexes 1900-1922
  • Cedar County, IA Deaths Record Book 1 1880 – 1921
  • Cerro Gordo County, IA Marriages 30 Nov 1855 – 30 Jun 1880
  • Cherokee County, IA Marriages 1866-1880
  • Clinton County, IA Deaths Pape Funeral Home Index 1823-1999
  • Clinton County, IA Marriages Nov 1840 – Jan 1855
  • Delaware County, IA Marriages 1851-1861
  • Des Moines County, IA Births Book 1-2, 1880-1889
  • Des Moines County, IA Births, Delayed Birth Records Books 1-9
  • Des Moines County, IA Deaths, Books 1-3, Jul. 1880 – Sep. 1897
  • Des Moines County, IA Marriages Books 1-20, 1835-1903
  • Des Moines County, IA Dissolution of Marriage Index 1835-1930
  • Floyd County, IA Marriages 1880-1900
  • Franklin County, IA Births Vol. 2, 1894-1897
  • Franklin County, IA Marriages Oct 1855 – Sep 1880
  • Grundy County, IA Marriage Indexes Book 1, 1856
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  • Pottawatamie County, IA Marriages Council Bluffs Court House 1902-1904
  • Scott County, IA Marriages 1852-1879
  • Shelby County, IA Marriages 1853 – 1880
  • Story County, IA Deaths 1880 – 1919
  • Story County, IA Marriages 1854 – 1882
  • Tama County, IA Deaths July 1880 – September 1897
  • Maryland Colonization Society Manumission Book 1832-1860
  • Maryland Freedom Papers – Anne Arundel County
  • Maryland Freedom Papers – Kent County
  • Thomas Parish Deaths and Burials Owings Mills, MD 1728-1995
  • Military History of Perry County, MS – American Revolution to World War II
  • Sam Agnew’s Marriage Record 1861-1902 (Tippah County, MS)
  • Missouri Genealogical Records and Abstracts Vol. 1, 4-6
  • Osage County, MO Marriage Records 1841-1861
  • Benton County, MO Marriages, Wills, Land & Misc. Records
  • Camden County, MO Tombstone Inscriptions Vol. 1-2
  • Henry County, MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865
  • Henry County, MO Tombstone Inscriptions Vol. 1-2
  • Lafayette County, MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations Vol. 2, 1851-1865
  • Lewis County, MO Land, Marriage, Probate & misc.
  • Cemetery Records of Livingston County, MO Vol. 2 & 3
  • Early Livingston County, MO Deed Records Books 1 & 2
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  • The First 125 Years 1850-1975 A Personal History of High Gate, MO
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  • Tombstone Inscriptions Taney County, MO Vol. 1-3
  • Hamilton County, OH Birth Records, 1874-1875 Vol. 1, Books A-B
  • A Pittsburgh (PA) Album
  • The Pickens Sentinel Favorite Newspaper of Pickens County, SC Historical and Genealogical Abstracts 1872-1893 Vol. 1-2
  • Civil War Soldiers of Coffee County, TN Books 5 & 6 Surnames N-Z
  • Caddo Was…A Short History of Caddo Lake (TX)
  • Texas Water Atlas
  • Dictionary of Texas Artists, 1800-1945
  • Defenders of the Republic of Texas
  • Living in Murphy, TX
  • Nacogdoches County, TX in the Civil War
  • Virginia Slave Birth Index 1853-1865 Vol. 6 Geographic Supplement
  • Alleghany County, VA Marriages 1822-1872
  • Guardian Accounts of Princess Anne County, VA
  • Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee County, WI
  • Western Navajo Reservation Navajo, Hopi and Paiute 1933 Census With Birth & Death Rolls 1925-1933
  • Confederate Records from the Jefferson County, GA., Court of Ordinary
  • Henry: Best Town in Illinois by a Dam Site
  • History of Anderson County, KY 1780-1936
  • White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records
  • The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, MD – A Genealogical and Biographical Review from Wills, Deeds and Church Records
  • Baltimore County, MD Marriage Licenses May 2, 1832 to November 29, 1851
  • White Slave Children of Charles County, MD: The Search for Survivors
  • Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office of MD Somerset County Vol. 1-3
  • Ulster County, NY Probate Records In the Office of the Surrogate, and in the County Clerk’s Office at Kingston, N.Y. 1
  • South Carolina Genealogies – Articles from The South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine Vol. 1-5 & Index
  • Personalities on the East Texas Frontier – Brief Narratives of Their Lives and Times
  • Have You Heard? Gossip & News from North Texas 1880-1918
  • Anderson County, TX in the Civil War
  • Bowie County, TX in the Civil War
  • Whisky, Weapons and Dastardly Deeds from the Dallas Daily Herald January 31, 1878 to June 13, 1878
  • Delta County, TX in the Civil War
  • Leon County, TX in the Civil War
  • Rockwall County, TX in the Civil War
  • Tyler County, TX in the Civil War
  • Upshur County, TX in the Civil War
  • Early Western Augusta (VA) Pioneers Including the Families of Cleek, Gwin, Lightner, and Warwick and Related Families of Bratton, Campbell, Carlile, Craig, Crawford, Dyer, Gay, Givens, Graham, Harper, Henderson, Hull, Keister, Lockridge, McFarland, and Moore
  • Ye Meetg Hous Smal – A Short Account of FRIENDS in Loudoun County,VA 1732-1980
  • Legends of Loudoun (VA)
  • Raney Family History
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Great Grandparents Maternal, Paternal and Adopted of Bob Tooms Dunfield

March 28, 1864 – Brigadier General (CSA) Henry Eustace McCulloch


arrested Captain William Clarke Quantrill, leader of Missouri guerrillas, and menace to North Texas, at his headquarters in Bonham, Texas.


Quantrill, who led his forces in the burning of Lawrence, Kansas in 1863

aug21raid-Lawrence, KS

was the leader of guerrillas who had been terrorizing citizens in North Texas for the past three to four months.

From several different sources the story of the arrest and his escape is as follows:

Captain Quantrill arrested one of his men for killing Confederate Major Butts and robbing his personal effects north of Sherman, Texas. Quantrill had armed guards escort the soldier/guerrilla to BG McCulloch in Bonham, Texas

This soldier, when questioned by the general, informed BG McCulloch of numerous other crimes that Quantrill had authorized throughout north Texas.

BG McCulloch directed Captain Quantrill to report to his headquarters. Quantrill was arrested once inside the headquarters based on the information of the soldier Captain Quantrill had placed under arrest. When Quantrill refused to dine with the General (after he had just been arrested), he was confined to the General’s office.

Quantrill was able to escape by outwitting the guards, gaining his weapons and fleeing the town. Confederate soldiers chased him as far as the Red river. Quantrill and his guerrillas crossed into the Indian Nations where the Confederate soldiers had no authority.

BG Henry Eutace McCulloch survived the war and lived out his life in Texas. Captain William Clarke Quantrill was mortally wounded in Missouri in May, 1865.

Information on General McCulloch and his soldiers, Quantrill and his guerrillas, The Civil War or The Missouri-Kansas Border War is available for research here in the Genealogy Center.

While here you can research Union and Confederate Soldiers; citizens and soldiers from Bonham, and Fannin County, Texas; Plano, and Collin County, Texas and several other counties in Texas. Materials are available for your research of individuals involved in, or victims of, The Missouri-Kansas Border war.

Should your interests be in other areas, our collection includes all 50 states and several foreign countries as well as immigration, colonization and other military records.

You may find you are related to a soldier who fought with or against Quantrill and his raiders.

Come in and browse our collection. Staff Assistance is always available.

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The year is 1945. World War II is now in its fourth year. A Collin County mother and father work their farm daily. They are parents of ten children, nine boys and one girl. One son lives in Lewisville, another son lives in Garland while their daughter is married and living in Plano. Never far from their minds are their sons – SEVEN of them – serving to end the war .

Sgt. (Army) James C. Sonntag, Tech. Sgt.(Army Air Corps) Emil O. Sonntag, Capt. (Army Air Corps) Cecil M. Sonntag, Corp.(Army) Fred H. Sonntag, Lieut.(Navy) Cornelius M. Sonntag and the twins Seaman (Navy) Byrl D. and Gerald D. Sonntag.

The March 5, 1945 issue of the McKinney Democrat tells the story of the Sonntag family and their sons. The article includes photos of the military sons.

Newspapers can provide a lot of information for the family historian. Obituaries always come to mind, but other articles can provide information (and sometimes a lot more information) to help in your research. In this case I found two generations, four marriages (including maiden names), military ranks, branches of service and duty stations for all seven military members, plus locations of all the other children.

Here at the Genealogy Center we have The McKinney Democrat, the McKinney Courier-Gazette, the Plano Star Courier, The Dallas Herald and other newspapers from north Texas available on microfilm. You can come in, view, and then download to your own flash drive, as few or as many pages you need. The Dallas Herald issues are from 1855-1885. Other newspapers start a various times.  The Dallas Morning News, the McKinney Courier-Gazette and the Plano Star Courier are the three being kept current.

So if your interest lies in events from Garland, The Mid-Cities, Sherman or Fort Worth, we may have what you need depending on if your needs match our smaller collections of these locations.

Don’t forget that we also have a pretty good collection of genealogy books.  There is something from each of the 50 states plus several foreign countries; a large section on Texas and a large number of counties within Texas.

Come in, browse around, take your time and let us assist you in your search. You may find that you are related to a large family mentioned in the newpaper or other materials here in the Genealogy Center.

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Today is the anniversary of Texas declaring its Independence from Mexico.

painting, 2/27/12, 10:41 AM, 16C, 8000x10660 (0+0), 100%, Custom, 1/15 s, R15.4, G21.7, B52.7

painting, 2/27/12, 10:41 AM, 16C, 8000×10660 (0+0), 100%, Custom, 1/15 s, R15.4, G21.7, B52.7

Sixty men signed the document. Three were born in Mexico and 57 had moved into Texas.

Here at the Genealogy Center we have several volumes on Texas Independence. The material covers all of the battles and almost all of the participants – both military and political.

Come in and let us assist you in finding your relative among the Texas Heroes.

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